Our Story

Even today, people are still left behind through faults not exclusive to their own.

Job placement is not without bias in most companies, and not everyone gets an equal fighting chance at their careers. Spurred by the inequality we saw in the recruitment industry, CareerSocius hopes to equalize the playing field, and to help people find what they’re good at and love doing.

Our Mission

We strive to help job-seekers maximize their career potential.

Our dream is to see everyone, regardless of race, rich or poor, young or old, have equal opportunities to better their job and career prospects.

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Our Name

Socius - latin for "Comrade, friend, ally" 

​We see our customers as our fellow friends, and we want the best for them in their career pursuits. This is why we go beyond our call of duty to support them in every step of their journey towards reaching their greatest potential.

Our Branding Buddies
We’re here to guide you in bringing your career stories to life.
Our team consists of professional writers in Singapore from diverse industries, ranging from large MNCs to technology start-ups. With experience in Human Resources and Recruitment, we are equipped to craft personal brands that bring out the best of your capabilities.

Our Team

We have been through the job search process ourselves. We want to empower every individual to maximize their strengths and find meaningful careers.


Check out our team and experiences from various industries.

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