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Learn the essential skills and action steps to take you from job-seeker to landing your dream job!

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– For both Young Graduates and Career Switchers –

Start learning the essential career search skills to land your dream job

Looking for your first job?

Thinking of making a career switch within or outside your industry?

This free mini Career Search course will help you to market yourself well and capture the attention of potential future employers.

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Let me ask you this:

Are you thinking of making a career switch, but have no idea how to start?


Are you frustrated of applying for countless of jobs but still get NO response?


Do you have the skills and competencies but not sure how to market them well?

Here's the thing:

Finding a job can be dreadful and frustrating, especially if you have been facing roadblocks in your job search without knowing the reason why.


There's an effective way to do so and this course will get you started on the right path to succeed every step of the way.

By the end of your free email course, you will learn to:

1. Identify the right career options for you

2. Research your target jobs and companies

3. Craft an outstanding resume and cover letter

4. Build a strong brand presence on LinkedIn and leverage its opportunities

5. Cultivate your professional networks to help you advance your career

6. Further develop your skills and expand your portfolio

7. Ace the job interview and land the job

Each day for 7 days you will receive a new lesson delivered right to your inbox!

Wondering who are we anyway?

We are CareerSocius, formed with the belief that everyone, regardless of race, rich or poor, young or old, should have equal opportunities to better their job and career prospects.

Started by a diverse team of young working professionals from various industries, we seek to empower every individual to maximize their career potential.

We have been through the job search process ourselves and have served over 400 clients from all ages and backgrounds across Singapore.

Through gaining insights and first-hand knowledge from interactions with fellow experienced job-seekers, we have decided to make this free 7-day course to accelerate your job search. You don’t have to navigate this alone!

So what are you waiting for?

Join our community of effective job-seekers in making a successful leap into a career of your choice!

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