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CareerSocius is a social enterprise that helps job-seekers in Singapore build and enhance their personal brands to enable them to clinch their dream jobs.

Our Story

Job placement can be tough. Not everyone gets an equal opportunity at their careers.

Even today, people are still left behind through no fault of their own.

Spurred by the inequality we see in recruitment, CareerSocius hopes to equalize the playing field and help people find what they are good at and love doing.

Our Mission

We empower all job-seekers to maximize their career potential.

Our dream is to see everyone, regardless of race, rich or poor, young or old, have equal opportunities to better their job and career prospects.

Do you need financial assistance?

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Our Social Impact

One for One Initiative 

We are committed to achieving to our social impact goals thru our one for one initiative. We have partnered with various social service agencies in Singapore to provide pro-bono services to them.


Our Name

Socius - latin for "Friend and ally" 

​We treat our clients like friends and we have their best interests at heart in their career pursuits. We believe in going above and beyond to support our clients in every step of their journey towards reaching their career goals.

Our Branding Partners

We are here to guide you in bringing your career stories to life.

Our team consists of professionals in Singapore from diverse industries, ranging from multinational corporations to start-ups. With experience in human resources and recruitment, we are equipped to craft personal brands that bring out the best of your capabilities.


Our Team

We have been through the job search process ourselves. 
We want to empower every individual to maximize their strengths and find meaningful careers.


Check out our team and experiences from various industries.

Lim Kai ning

If you are interested to join us on our journey, please send us an email here with your resume and tell us why.


Our Accolades

CareerSocius is a business for good and social enterprise member of raiSE.
CareerSocius has also been part of Enactus.

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