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Our Approach


Get relatable career advice from graduates that successfully landed jobs.

Our resources are designed to cater specifically for youths and the unique challenges that they face as they start out on their career journey. 


Our Courses

Digital Course & Workshop

Resume & Interview

Master resume writing and interview techniques with our flagship course.


Build Social Connections

Develop your networking and social skills to navigate around the career landscape.

Digital Course & Workshop

Business Fundamentals

An introduction to fundamental business concepts for non-business students.


Government Assessment Centre

Gain insights on valued public sector traits, on top of specific criteria of individual agencies.

Digital Course & Workshop

ResumeREADY & LinkedIn

Learn the basics of crafting a resume and create your personal brand to stand out.

Digital Course & Workshop

Banking Fundamentals

An introduction to banking & finance concepts for those interested to break into this industry.


Ace the Assessment Centre

Learn the common formats of assessment centres and get hands-on practice.


Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Assessment Centre

Gain an understanding of the ICT sector and practical tips and frameworks to tackle interviews in the sector.

Digital Course & Workshop


Learn about the different interview types and how to prepare for them.

Digital Course & Workshop

Case Fundamentals

Learn how to tackle case interviews and break into management consulting.


Banking & Finance Assessment Centre

Equip yourself with the competencies to thrive in the highly competitive selection process in Finance.


Personality - MBTI

Learn more and apply MBTI in your daily lives and career discovery.

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