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Personal Data Protection Policy

Your Privacy is Important to us

At CareerSocius, we take privacy very seriously. We respect your right to privacy for everyone who visits this website and those who engage in our services. Hence, we would like to inform you regarding our approach in handling your personal data. We recommend you to read this privacy policy to understand how we collect, use, disclose and protect your personal information.

(Last Updated: 15 December 2018)
CareerSocius Privacy Principles

The following principles underpin our approach to respecting your privacy:

1) We value your trust placed in us by providing us with your personal data, and will use them in a  fair and trustworthy manner. 

2) We will be transparent with you about the way we collect your personal data and what we do with it.

3) We will perform due diligence to protect your information from any misuse and to keep it safe and secure at all times.

4) We will comply with all data protection laws and regulations, and cooperate with the relevant data protection authorities. In the absence of such legislation, we will act in accordance with generally accepted principles governing data protection.

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