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ResumeREADY & LinkedIn

Learn the basics of crafting a resume and create your personal brand to stand out.

About the Course

Participants will learn the basics of crafting a resume and create their personal brand to stand out from the crowd


Our workshop aims to help participants:

Equip themselves with the STAR (Situation, Task, Action, Results) framework

Practise crafting STAR statements with guidance


Segment 1: Introduction to Resume

Segment 2:

Industries & Identifying Knowledge, Skills, Attributes (KSAs) of job description

Personal Skills Inventory

Resume Skills Sharing - Crafting STAR Statements

Segment 3:

Cover Letter Crafting - Techniques

Cover Letter Crafting - Individual Activity

Segment 4: LinkedIn Profile Creation

Course Package

Guided Workshop (In-person and virtual modes via Zoom) This course is conducted as a 2-hour workshop. This interactive workshop will help participants enhance their personal branding.

Work With Us!


If you are a tertiary institution or any other organisation looking for a quality career resource provider targeted at youths, we would love to work with you. 

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