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March 2020

CareerSocius partnered with Hatch to organize our first workplace survival workshop for their Alumni.


Hatch X CS Workplace Survival Workshop


As part of our social impact efforts for the year, CareerSocius partnered with Hatch in March 2020 to organize our first Workplace Survival Workshop for Hatch’s Alumni. 

Hatch is a social enterprise that helps young Singaporeans improve their employability in the digital and design industries through a train-to-match model by equipping them with Digital Marketing or UI/UX Design skills and helping them to secure internships and full-time jobs through partner companies and mentorship guidance. 

Landing a job is a great first step, but it takes so much more to be successful in your career. For the participants from Hatch, navigating the workplace environment can be a daunting experience, and we believe it is beneficial to empower them with the skills and techniques to excel in the workplace.

It was our first time conducting a virtual workshop, and we were glad that the workshop was well-received by the participants who had a meaningful and enjoyable time! Our team incorporated various means of making the workshop more interactive by enabling them to participate in discussions using annotations, videos and various simulated work scenarios. 


Overall, the participants felt more confident in navigating the workplace environment after our session and we were happy to know that they gained valuable insights from our personal sharings. 

Moving forward, we will be deepening our impact through further collaborations with Hatch, where we hope to reach out to more participants through upcoming workshops that we will be planning ahead. We believe that this partnership will not only allow Hatch’s Alumni to further hone essential skills to thrive in the workplace but also allow CareerSocius to realise our mission of empowering job-seekers to maximise their career potential! 

If our mission resonates with you, feel free to reach out to us.

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