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Job Portals


Glints is an up-and-coming recruitment platform, targeted at young adults to help them discover & develop careers that they love. Glints helps to manage “young talents”, and they pride themselves as helping others achieve their full potential through the use of technology & the marketplace. 



  • Simple application process, only requires a resume & an optional cover letter

  • Splits jobs between 4 main categories, remote; freelance; full-time & part-time

  • Allows you to filter jobs by their salary level


InternSG is dubbed “Singapore’s #1 Internships Portal”, as they have close to 70,000+ Job listings. They boast a wide range of internship listings from SMEs to NGOs to even Fortune 500 companies, in hopes of creating a platform that can maximise human resource efficiency.



  • Apply via submission of an summary of your resume

  • Telegram channel that keeps you up to date on the latest internship opportunities

  • Able to filter jobs


MatcHub is a platform that matches talents with companies using intelligent job matching algorithm that profiles candidates based on their career aspirations, personality, and soft skills, in addition to their CV and experiences. Through MatcHub, the recruitment process is more efficient and fairer.


  • Internship Recommendations by AI algorithm & dedicated consultants.

  • Real-time updates about your internship search - Convenient and transparent.

  • Holistic profiling based on personality, career aspiration, skills, and experiences


TalentTribe is a job search platform that helps millennials research different companies & careers. Talenttribe works with include companies like Singtel, Changi Airport Group, Phillips, Shopee, and more. They help them build their employer brand so they can win over the right talent, and gain access to over 100,000 early-career jobseekers in Singapore.



  • Apply for jobs and internships directly on the Talenttribe platform.

  • Get an inside look into different companies' culture, office, people and day-to-day work life.

  • Access killer resources to level up your job search and career.

dreamcareerbuilder.png has been bringing employees and employers together throughout Singapore and Malaysia since 2016. They aim to provide a simple, effective solution that supports executive job searching and job posting at no cost. 



  • Take advantage of the auto job finder feature.

  • Top profiles enjoy free job matching services and profile highlights to employers.

  • Receive follow up emails, notifications, and status updates that relate to the number of appearances, views, distribution, keywords, and suggestions to increase views, all on a bi-monthly basis.

LinkedIn Full Logo.png

LinkedIn is one of the leading professional social networking sites out there currently, boasting a platform with close to 700 million registered countries spanning over 150 countries. Linkedin also allows individuals to network not just with other professionals but also with Companies, and they also allow companies to list Job openings on the platform. 


  • Allows a streamlined application process by allowing individuals to apply using their LinkedIn profiles.

  • Part of LinkedIn, lets you apply for Jobs & showcase yourself to your connections on the platform concurrently.


Singapore government’s initiative to help Singaporeans find jobs, it aims to educate Singaporeans of all ages to make informed career choices that not only enhance their career development but also their skills development. My hosts a virtual career fair which allows you to discover different jobs in specific sectors & what it entails, providing information to the employee on the jobs that are available.



  • Provides resources on career topics via their Careers Toolkit

  • Helps you check & refine your resume before you submit it to make it stand out

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