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July 2019

CareerSocius teamed up with the Minstry of Social and Family Development (MSF) to help at-risk youths draft their resumes and offered them tips on how to better structure their resumes. 

CareerSocius X MSF Human Library

One of our most fruitful social impact events in 2019 was the Human Library, jointly organised with the Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF) and LinkedIn. MSF caters to youths who are at risk, or have gotten into trouble with the law. Youths under the care of MSF participated in the event which had three different segments - Resume Writing, Career Conversations, and Career Fair, with CareerSocius leading the Resume Writing and Career Conversations segment.

Our aim was for the youths to better understand themselves and set a career goal, learn the necessary skills to apply for jobs, and ultimately find a suitable role at the Career Fair. Our objective was that the youth would find our help holistic, uplifting and encouraging. 


Our team volunteered our afternoon helping the youths to draft simple resumes and teaching them the necessary skills to write proper content and structure the resume well. It was a challenging experience understanding the youths’ career goals, education and job experiences, and translating them into a neat and complete resume. We were really heartened when the youths managed to use the resumes to apply for jobs at the Career Fair. Some were even hired on the spot! 

"Personally, it struck me hard that some of the youth limited their own potential and believed that they would only be suitable for certain roles. Others confided in me that they weren’t keen in their field of study and felt stuck when thinking of possible career options. I feel deeply that it is important not to close any doors when we are young. Anything is possible, and yet sometimes our belief systems limit us from taking a leap of faith. That’s why it was pertinent that we helped the youths from MSF to find their confidence and courage to pursue the careers of their dreams. Everyone is the same in that we all struggle to find meaning and a career that suits us."

Kaining Lim, Head of Social Impact


Many members of the CareerSocius team resonated with their worries and self-doubt. For most of us, we will spend a large part of our careers recalibrating and reprioritising. Our mission at CareerSocius is to lend support to people who need a helping hand from time to time - so that nobody walks this journey alone.

In 2020, we are looking to deepening our impact and forming a community where people can get together to help one another as they embark on the journey of a lifetime.

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