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Business Fundamentals

An introduction to fundamental business concepts for non-business students.

About the Course

Our workshop prepares participants with the foundational skills required for their future careers. As companies are increasingly looking for multifaceted talents, it is essential for individuals to equip themselves with fundamental business skills.


Our workshop aims to:

Equip students with the basic skills of understanding how businesses operate


Segment 1: Introduction

Segment 2: Economics of Businesses

Segment 3: Operations

Segment 4: Marketing

Segment 5: Finance

Segment 6: Valuation

Course Package

There are two modes for our flagship course - organisations and institutions can choose between e-lecture or workshop.


Our main product offering is an e-lecture. This e-lecture series includes 3 hours of video content and downloadable resources.

Guided Workshop (In-person and virtual modes via Zoom) This course is conducted as a 3-hour workshop. This workshop is useful for anyone who wants to learn more about foundational business skills & knowledge.

Work With Us!


If you are a tertiary institution or any other organisation looking for a quality career resource provider targeted at youths, we would love to work with you. 

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