Government Assessment Centre

Gain insights on valued public sector traits, on top of specific criteria of individual agencies.

About the Course

Our workshop sheds light on the broad skills and traits that the public sector values, on top of specific criteria that individual agencies may have when it comes to hiring. It is imperative that students who aspire to be a public servant know of them, to increase their chances of securing a position within the public sector.

The workshop is targeted at students keen on management roles in:

  1. Public Service Leadership

  2. Ministry Organizations

  3. Statutory Boards


Our workshop aims to:

Provide an overview of the public sector, and cover skills and traits that are valued.


Segment 1:

Introduction to the Public Services and the different arms in the government

Common Assessment Centre Formats

Writing Assessment

Policy Making

Policy Debates

Segment 2:

Mock Case 1 + Feedback

Segment 3

Mock Case 2 + Feedback

Segment 4

Sharing by Industry Experts


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Bertrand is a Human Resource Professional at a global multi-national technology company. He also has experience in HR consulting, e-commerce start-ups, FMCG industry and the public sector. Bertrand is the Head of Operations in CareerSocius, and he is passionate about helping others to get closer to the career they desire and live life to the fullest.

Bertrand Wong

Course Package

Guided Workshop (In-person and virtual modes via Zoom) This course is conducted as a 8-hour workshop. This workshop aims to create a better understanding of the public sector landscape and highlight the skills necessary to ace their assessment processes.