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Learn about the different interview types and how to prepare for them.

About the Course

Participants will learn about the different types of interviews and how to prepare for them.


Our workshop aims to help participants:

Equip students with the necessary interview skills to make a strong first impression

Teach students the techniques they can use to prepare for an interview prior to the interview

Guide students on the various interview etiquette


Segment 1: Introduction

Role of Interview

Types of Interviews and Questions

Segment 2: Interview Preparation


Personal Skills Inventory

Segment 3: Deep Dive

STAR Framework

Mock Interview Practice

Segment 4: Interview Follow Up

Course Package

Guided Workshop (In-person and virtual modes via Zoom) This course is conducted as a 2-hour workshop. This workshop provides a guide to preparing for interviews and highlights what can be expected from the different types of interviews.

Work With Us!


If you are a tertiary institution or any other organisation looking for a quality career resource provider targeted at youths, we would love to work with you. 

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