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4 Types of Tools You Need to Know before your First Internship

Your first internship application process can be intimidating. You pull up a quick Google search, and suddenly you are expected to use hundreds of tools and templates to write your best resume, find an amazing internship company, and build the next spacecraft to the moon and back to show that you are out of this world.

But trust us, it’s not rocket science to get started. Here are four types of tools you should know before starting your internship application process.

1. A tool to track your applications

Internship applications can be a numbers game (See Pin Xiu’s story!). You’re concurrently sending multiple applications to various companies, and it can be daunting to track your application process.

An application tracker can be used to strategize your internship search. It provides an overview on the positions you have applied, the last date of application, the application stage and more. You can even look back at your tracker to see what works and what doesn’t in your application.

Tools to consider: Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, Notion, Trello

2. A tool to profile yourself

“Tell me about yourself” is almost a mandatory segment in internship applications at this point, and it comes in various forms. It can be asked as a direct or indirect question in an interview, or it can be in a form of an activity in assessment centres. Questions such as “if you were an ice cream flavor which would you be and why” are asking you to share your personality to the interviewer.

If you have no idea what your brand is, you can start by using existing frameworks that categorise you according to their benchmarks, such as Myer-Briggs’ 16 personalities and DISC tests. For a more comprehensive tool, check out CrystalKnows, which gives you personality insights using various personality tools so that you can use these insights to develop a personality that defines you.

Incidentally, these profiling tools can be used for your online dating too! Just make sure you tune your Tinder profile to look more dateable.

Tools to consider: 16personalities, Strengthfinder, MuchSkills, High5 Tests, DISC, Pymetrics, CrystalKnows

At CareerSocius, we provide a Personal Branding Package to spice up your personal brand, including your resume, cover letter and LinkedIn!

3. A tool to prepare for answering interview questions

Most interviews are closed-book, and interviewers can ask you a variety of questions that you may not be prepared for. While the types of questions are endless, you can still anticipate them and train your thought process to be able to answer these questions on the spot.

One of the ways to practice is through rote learning. You can populate all sorts of interview questions on tools such as Quizlet and Anki, randomise the questions, and answer the interview questions as they pop up. As you practice the various questions, you should get comfortable in being asked any possible question, and also able to answer these questions on the spot.

Tools to consider: Quizlet, Anki.

At CareerSocius, we provide an Interview Preparation Package to help you practice for an interview with personalised feedback!

4. A tool for career aspirations

Your career journey will be an ongoing process throughout your life. As jobs continue to change and evolve according to the times, so too will your career. You heard of engineers that went to the banking sector, now get ready to be your own career director.

Our Ikigai method article can get you started in your career journey by finding joy in what you like to do. Otherwise, tools such as CareerExplorer or MyNextMove can help you plan your next career goals as well.

By plotting out your career journey, you will have a sense of which internship positions to apply for, be it the sector it is from, and even the job scope.

Tools to consider: Ikigai, CareerExplorer, MyNextMove

Tools are only as good as its user

No amount of tools will be able to guarantee that your internship application experience is going to be a smooth sailing ride, but we hope that these tools will be able to help you in navigating through the sea of internship experience.

All the best, intern-seekers!


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