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Finding Your Ikigai | #CSJournaling

Plotting out your career plan and job search can be stressful. There are always too many goals, yet little to no concrete ways to achieve them.

Thankfully, planning for your future isn't as tough as it seems. In our latest series #CSJournaling, we will be sharing some bite-sized journaling exercises to help bring clarity to your personal and career goals. For our first exercise, we will be looking at the Japanese concept of ikigai.

What is ikigai?

Embracing ikigai means that you spark joy from your work. And who doesn't love that?

Let's see how it works.

Perhaps some of us view career primarily as a money stream, so you may wondering why it should fulfil all 4 foundations. Well...

Now that we have a basic idea of what ikigai is, let's kick this off with an activity!


Feeling better after penning down some of your skills?

Let's go a step further and see how these tie into your ikigai.

Remember the elements you identified in Task 1? Let's define them further.

Time for Task 2!


Now that we have a better idea on the foundations that lead to a fulfilling career, let's set some tangible goals!

So, we've prioritized what matters most in our lives. Let's finish it off with a daily plan.

Awesome! You've now set a concrete plan that you can practice everyday. You know what gives you fulfilment, and your plan allocates time for you to do what you love.

But before you go; here's an additional point to consider.

Now that you're all set, go forth and start journaling!


Here at CareerSocius, we hope to empower individuals to find a job they love. We would love to be part of your journey.

Tag us at @careersocius on Instagram, Facebook or LinkedIn and share your ikigai goals with us ☺️


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