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CareerSocius Writing Competition 2019 | Winner

Announcing The Winner of Career Stories Writing Competition 2019!

It has been an exciting 6 weeks since we launched our first ever Career Stories Writing Competition in Singapore. Our aim was to get students and young working professionals to step forth and share their stories to inspire and encourage fellow job-seekers around them.

A huge thanks to all participants who dug deep into their thoughts and reflected on their experience with your amazing articles! Your words have made a significant impact in contributing to our cause :)

Based on the theme of #MyCareerJourney, participants had the choice to share their career stories on their LinkedIn feed based on three key categories:

1) My Internship Experience

2) My Post Grad Job Search

3) My First Job: Expectation vs. Reality

And The Winner Goes To.... 🥁🥁🥁

After reviewing all the amazingly written entries, the CareerSocius team debated intensively and came to a conclusion...

Isdiyanah's "My First Job: Expectations vs Reality" emerged as the winner!

The reason why we chose this entry was because not only was it excellently written, she was able to connect deeply with her audience by sharing her struggles in a raw and authentic manner. Her usage of contrast between her expectations and realities in her article made her story all the more compelling. And, not forgetting the impactful use of gifs to drive home her key messages for all our readers.

Honorable Mentions

The CareerSocius team felt that the other articles were quite engaging too and worth mentioning, especially for the level of quality and diversity of experiences provided. Kudos to our talented pool of contributors!

Huge thanks to all participants once again and we hope to see more young working professionals share their career stories on social media with the hashtags #MyCareerJourney and #CareerStories.

Which article was your favorite? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!


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