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The Guide to Procrastination | #CSJournaling

Procrastination is a universal phenomenon that everyone relates to. In this circuit breaker period, time seems to be fully within our control. How have you been managing it? 

If you struggle with putting things off until they are a little too late, we'll show you how to start planning it right with the Pie Chart Of Time.

In contrast, putting it in a pie chart forces us to prioritize our tasks and spend our finite and valuable time the way we want to be spending it. 

Let’s take a look at how this works.

Let's jump right into Task 1.

Here are some components that appear in most people's pie charts:

1. Daily obligations

Things that you must complete no matter what. Eg. work time, family time, exercise time, self-care

2. Work

3. Time-wasters

Things that you spend time on while procrastinating. Eg. Animal Crossing, endless scrolling of social media

3, Upgrading

Things that will further your growth and learning. Eg. reading, online courses, exploring new interests

4. Bonus!

Building healthy habits to make your day more productive. Eg. Stretching, taking breaks, eating well, don’t multitask

Next, have a think about how your ideal pie chart of time looks like. Your completed ikigai diagram provides a great starting point for this exercise!

Some might think that we should spend all our time on our career (e.g. doing work).

However, crafting out your career also includes time for learning – picking up new knowledge through reading, picking up new skills through attending courses, and relationship-building through networking.

With your ideal pie chart of time as a guide, pen out your daily schedule and make adjustments as you go along.

Now comes the tough part: turning the pie chart into a habit. Here's some food for thought:

Now, go forth and plan out your schedule! Till we meet again.


Here at CareerSocius, we hope to empower individuals to find a job they love. We would love to be part of your journey.

Tag us at @careersocius on Instagram, Facebook or LinkedIn and share your time goals with us ☺️


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