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How To Reject A Job Offer

If you're wondering how to reject a job offer, you're met with a happy problem. Here are some tips for handling the situation.

Inform Them As Soon As You Can

Once you sign an offer, you should let the other opportunities understand that you have an offer and wish to withdraw from your application.

Some points you should cover are:

  • Thanking the company for the opportunity

  • Expressing that you will be declining

  • Showing gratitude for the opportunity to interview

Tip: To keep future opportunities open, you can emphasize that it is not the right move at this stage, keeping the possibility of you reconnecting down the road.

Explain The Situation Tactfully

If you are pressed to provide a reason, you can consider these options:

  • "I decided to accept an offer that aligns more with my career goals and interests"

  • "Unfortunately, the salary falls outside of my range of expectations"

  • "I have come to the decision that this is not the best time to transition to this role"

Tip: If you like the company but not the role, you can mention: "I’d love to stay in contact and be considered in the future for a role that better aligns with my career aspirations, such as digital marketing."

Rescinding A Job Offer

Rescinding is a unique case of rejecting as you have accepted the offer. Thus, the need to navigate the situation more carefully.

Firstly, look out for rescinding clauses in offer letters.

Secondly, it would be more tactful to speak to the HR across the phone instead of email, to explain the situation transparently and apologize.

Finally, provide written confirmation of your withdrawal.

Now that you're up to speed with all things job-offer related, go out there and get that dream job!


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